Vision Summit

7 July (Trade Only)

Vision Summit will take place on Friday 7 July 2017 and will see the most exciting line up of acclaimed international speakers in ODMA Fair Conference history.

Headline speakers include Rolando Toyos from the USA, developer of Intense Pulsed Light for dry eye disease and Professor Minas Coroneo who introduced trypan blue (VisionBlue) as an ocular dye and is developing next generation intraocular lenses and glaucoma shunts (CyPass) as well as a bioniceye.

Other speakers, all world leaders in their field include Professor Peter McCluskey Director of the Save Sight Institute at Sydney Eye Hospital and expert on inflammatory eye disease and Professor Fiona Stapleton whose research areas include the epidemiology of lens-related disease, ocular microbiology, bacterial resistance, contact lens care systems, and ocular defence mechanisms .

Vision Summit is designed to deliver the latest developments in eyecare with a focus on quality, with 24 CPD points available for optometrists (all therapeutic).