Through the Looking Glass: Medicine and Fashion in Eyewear Design

Thursday 6 July 2017


Eyeglasses have become an integral part of our lives, purchased at the local mall or at a fashion accessory shop. Yet, strangely enough we tend to forget that this innovative contraption, perhaps the first wearable technology is in fact a medical device. In our lecture, we will discuss the historic journey eyeglasses have made through the ages and the impact designers had on this material evolution.


Jonathan Ventura, PhD, is a visiting research fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA, London. He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Inclusive Design at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem; in the Design Graduate Program at Shenkar Academy of Engineering and Design; and in the Department of Architecture and the Program for Urban Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. His book Objects: Industrial Design in Israel was published in 2014. His book Alternative Perspectives of Design: From Lucy to Bernini, in collaboration with Prof. Kenneth Segal, was published in 2016. He specializes in applied anthropology, medical and social design, design anthropology, material and visual culture, design research methodologies and theories.

Galit Shvo, a designer and lecturer on design, researches, develops, and designs independent projects on the axis between the industrial world and the academic world. Over the past decade she has focused on the theoretical, cultural, and ideological aspects of design. She is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2003), and a graduate (with honors) of the Graduate Program in Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2007). Galit has published several articles dealing with various theoretical attributes of design.

DATE: Thursday 6 July 2017
TIME: 4pm

Here is the recording of the webinar for you to enjoy - Click here - WARNING - Large file 100MB

And a copy of the paper for download